7-Up Pound Cake

In Uncategorized on May 28, 2009 at 4:24 pm

3 sticks butter or oleo
3 cups sugar
5 eggs (separate & beat whites)
3 cups cake flour (must be plain)
1 regular bottle 7-Up
1 teas. lemon & 1/2 teas. almond (must have this flavoring)

Cream together shortening & sugar. Add egg yolks. Alternate flour & 7-Up until it seems to be right consistency. You may have 7-Up left over, drink it — you probably need it by now. Add flavoring & egg whites stiffly whipped. Bake in greased tube pan. 350 degrees F for 45 minutes. Reduce to 300 degrees F for 35 mi. more. (1 hr & 40 minutes)

(Editor’s note: This recipe is really fun, and it’s even more fun to compare the three following copies. I’ve transcribed the words from the first recipe card, but the second recipe card was written much earlier. The third recipe was written even earlier than that, and it seems to be the way Grandma got the recipe. On the oldest recipe, it says, “Mrs. R.G. prefers the lemon and almond flavoring.” On the next-oldest recipe, Grandma appears to be agreeing with Mrs. R.G., suggesting politely that you also make the lemon-extract and almond-extract substitution. By the newest version, Grandma mentions no vanilla extract whatsoever. You MUST do it the lemon- and almond- way! By the way, who was Mrs. R.G.?)

  1. I remember Grandma making this and as far as I know always used almond flavoring! Another interesting thing about this recipe is that it calls for a “regular” bottle of 7-UP. That really dates this. What she was probably talking about was a green glass, 10 ounce bottle with a metal crimped cap.

  2. 7-Up pound cake was one of my favorites – and especially if it had fallen. For that version, just mix in 7-Up and stomp around the kitchen to make it fall. The result is a moist, dense cake that was too wonderful for words. Not for the faint of heart, this cake is better appreciated by someone who prefers cake donuts to the light, fluffy kind.

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