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  1. Momma never talked much to me about her high school years, although I do remember her confessing to changing something about her clothes on the bus going to school so that her Mother wouldn’t know… Maybe something about socks or no socks?

  2. Now that you remind me that Grandma was the class poet, maybe I should share a poem I wrote while we were in the Bahamas:
    The Duel
    Cc: Boyd Dimmock
    April 30, 2009

    The duel of nature was set for high noon
    Sabers were drawn and rattled
    The sun was just ready to be the judge
    The sea and the sky faced off in a battle

    For each claimed to be the master of beauty
    Holding the greatest colors and intensity to show
    Each determined to show their dominance
    Played out of the canvass of the Abaco

    The sea said, “Just see my emerald green sparkling in the light,
    Where the shallow sea had more colors to teach.
    Lapping on the sandy shore waves glistened
    On the rose sand of the coral beach.”

    The sky said, “I own the center of the spectrum,
    I define blue, the color is sky blue,
    The sky is a deep primary shade of nature
    A color that satisfies the soul, its true.”

    “But the amazing shades of turquoise I have
    Delight the eye and seem the best
    While the sparking diamonds of light
    You see dancing on the water’s crest.”

    The sea continued its glory display
    Iced with surging lacey white caps
    Inky navy blue of the deepest ocean
    Rolls miles and miles over marine maps.

    The sky thought hard and turned gray with thunder clouds;
    While the sea roared with glee
    The day waned and the battle looked lost
    The sun judge nodded to the sea.

    With a stroke of genius, the sky fought back.
    As the sun waned at the end of the day,
    Lavender clouds offset the darkening agate
    In a sky that glowed with coral and magenta rays.

    The sun then laughed and dipped with gratitude
    For the beauty of paradise in the raw
    God’s awesome palette seen in its glory
    And called the duel a draw.

  3. Actually I think it is best to be third place as most studious… if you were 1st or 2nd, you might be a nerd. : )

  4. Willie B. always is smiling and cheerful. That never changed – what a good example she was…

  5. Aunt Boyd, I’m so impressed that you write poetry! There are lots of things that I love about you, but I think being a poet might be my new favorite fact. Do you write often? How did you go from thinking, “Wow, that’s an awesome view!” to then actually writing a poem about it? And — did you ever write poetry with Grandma? Did she write poetry past high school?

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