Morris Brothers Blueberry Farm’s “HOW TO KEEP AND FREEZE YOUR BLUEBERRIES”

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1. REFRIGERATION: To store blueberries, keep them under refrigeration until ready to use. Berries left at room temperature will continue to ripen rapidly and will soon become soft. Refrigeration retards this process so that good, fresh berries can be kept as long as ten days to two weeks.

2. FREEZING: When freezing blueberries, DO NOT WASH THEM BEFORE PUTTING IN FREEZER!! Simply put the berries in an air-tight container and freeze. Once you remove them from the freezer, it is o.k. to wash them and use them as if they were freshly picked. Blueberries will keep nicely in the freezer for several years.

(Editor’s note: My favorite way to eat blueberries with Grandma was straight out of that old styrofoam cooler after a trip to Morris Brothers or Nelson Brothers, Craven County’s two pick-your-own blueberry farms. Maybe spruced up in a bowl with some fresh and juicy sliced peaches. Do any of you ever remember Grandma making any of the recipes on this flyer?)

morris blueberry farm flyer 2

morris blueberry farm flyer 2 back

  1. I remember going blueberry picking with Grandma and some of her friends right after Bob and I were married, and they laughed and had a good time the whole time. Mary Lib Miller was one of them, and they liked getting to talk and laugh while they would pick. They said they liked picking blueberries because you don’t have to bend over. I was used to strawberries, where you had to sit on the ground, or grapes, where you had to reach up high. So blueberries were a new experience for me.

  2. One more thing. Some of Grandma’s former students would always work at the weighing station, and she always enjoyed getting to talk to them. I get the Morris brothers and the Nelson brothers mixed up, but I think it was the Morris brothers who had her for math.

  3. I have a notecard with Blueberry Congealed Salad in Gma’s handwriting. I will scan it and send it to Carey. The recipe calls for a can of blueberry pie filling, but Gma added “how to make pie filling from your own blueberries”. The topping is over a cream cheese mixture. I am sure many of you remember having it!

  4. Thank you, Julie… I remember the sweet glossy purple sweetness very well… Now if I could just get home to get some good NC blueberries!

  5. I saw blueberkies on sale at the store a few days ago and stopped dead in my tracks with a sudden reminiscing of blueberry muffins, blueberries on cereal, blueberry salad, and just bowls of blueberries lying around at the beach, waiting to for us to sneak past and pick that really big one off the top. My roommate stopped and watched my eyes glazing over, and she said, “Uh, M, do we need to get some of these for you? I’m kinda concerned.” We didn’t, though, because, well, to be honest, because I knew that company was coming over, and if they saw the blueberries, I would have to share. 🙂

  6. OK, with all this talk about blueberries, Uncle Tom rode his bike a few miles to a Publix near the waterfront in Jacksonville, Fl … and bought us a pint of fresh blueberries. They were grown in White Lake, NC… so wonderful! I think they will be just eaten on cereal in all their natural goodness. yum…

  7. OK…now you all have done it…I’m going to have to make blueberry cobbler this week….and me on a diet. Can you all mail the NC blueberries to FL? They just aren’t as good down here. 😦 Grandma’s won’t be ripe for another few weeks.

  8. OK, so I got so excited by all this blueberry talk that I started planning this big Nappier blueberry picking trip for this weekend. We invited Brian’s parents, sister and friend (all of which have NEVER picked a BERRY in their LIVES!) However.. come to find out the blueberry farms in GA don’t open till JULY….. now i’m counting the days and the Nappier family is breathing a sigh of relief 🙂

  9. I think that blueberries come in different varieties… because I know they are already in – in NC… so it would seem they would have been earlier in GA. What a wonderfully fun idea that you offered them, maybe you will still get to go later. I just know that if you pick near New Bern, you need some really OLD tennis shoes to pick in because that dirt is so black, your shoes will be too. Blueberries freeze wonderfully, so you can never have too many. : )

  10. Grandma’s patch comes in about mid-July….we get literally GALLONS (figs too), so you all come and visit in SC and we can load you up with Blueberries! They are DELICIOUS. I get my annual supply from the patch.

  11. Wow. That sounds…almost too good to be true!

  12. Thanks for saving all the comments, Carey. You are very clever.

  13. Genius! 🙂

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