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BBQ with caption

BBQ three photos 2

BBQ three photos 3

BBQ three photos 1


BBQ pig finally found

(Editor’s note: Could this have been 1988, maybe? Also, can you tell which little girl that is in the Polaroid?)

  1. I thought.. hey that’s me! Then I thought.. no maybe that’s Jessica, then I realized that Michaela’s little cheek turned that way too.. who knows 🙂

    Love the short shorts though!

  2. Those were my guesses as well.
    I remember this day b/c I watched the whole time (so it might be me, but I don’t remember that bathing suit), and I was absolutely horrified at the gruesomeness of roasting a real pig. I think I was 2 or 3, so it would have been in 87 or 88.
    I love the “Billy is at large” shirt. He needs another one of those, I think.

  3. My guess is like Laurie’s either her or Jessica? Either way, that little cheek is SO squeezable!

  4. I’m thinking Laurie.
    Detective work: the yellow piggy tie(appropriate for the day’s activities)in her hair, the pink top shoulder strap, the twist curl at the end of the hair.
    And you poor little girls, you all look most concerned… “Is THAT where it comes from? It can’t be!”
    What damage was done to your psyche that day? Apparently, not much since you all love that Moore’s BBQ! 🙂

  5. “Billy is at large” was a present; birthday I think. We realized that he had started wearing “L” sizes instead of “M”, so we made this tee-shirt with the little play on words.
    That was a good pig. I borrowed the depot’s cooker for the day, we got the 110 pound pig from the Piggly Wiggly in Havelock, and cooked it for 8 hours. I was afraid it wasn’t going to serve everyone, but we wound up with about 10 pounds of left over BBQ. Speaking of recipes, the BBQ sauce was semi-custom – adding apple vinegar and honey to a commercial BBQ sauce.

  6. hahahaha….aunt penny, your comment makes me laugh!

  7. That’s LD! I knew it~

    Note: the thumb is NOT in her mouth.

    Thanks for uploading the picture… I’d forgotten the character building that happened that summer (aka summer/ beach/ cast on arm)

  8. So Julie Anna’s broken arm should definately establish the date. JA, when was it? I am thinking you were 10 – which would make it 1989. Do you remember? You broke your arm playing tag in the gym at Montreat… which club were you in?

  9. So I agree the ponytail is Laurie, but who is the little girl in the picture with me on the stairs? Is it Claire?

    By the way, it is fun to see how young (and fit) all the adults look in these pictures.

  10. This is great! It’s so funny how Laurie and I look so concerned about that pig! I guess we had eaten barbeque but had never seen the whole process.

  11. Aunt Boyd, I’m going to guess that the head in the photo with you is ME. But Mama/Aunt Penny, we’ll need your confirmation on that. You definitely know what little-girl me looks like better than I do.

  12. Yes, Carey, ’tis you! That is your jaw line and you were into headbands around then.
    It also looks like it’s you going up the steps near G’ma, correct? (Note shape of arm and always a pencil in your hand…still true today). Do you remember whether or not you made a journal entry about ‘Pig Cooking Day’?

  13. Oh, Mama, you are funny. I recognized myself by the sight of those elfin-like ears! 🙂

  14. OK, I knew that it was Carey on the stairs with Grandma. I think it was general thin body shape and hair color that told me it was Carey. But I didn’t know to recognize the ears in the other picture. Glad we worked that out. 🙂

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