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Use a fresh picnic ham, side, ribs or backbone or half pig

Wrap meat in aluminum foil and place in pan in oven. Raise heat to 400 degrees for one hour, then lower to 225 degrees and cook for about 9 hours more. Meat should be falling off the bone. Very delicious or you can add BBQ sauce. The sauce that is clear with vinegar like Down East folks use. If there should be any leftover, cut in small pieces; pour on BBQ sauce and freezes with good success.

Bee Garris King

(Editor’s note: Scan the two recipes below, because Grandma’s handwritten one is slightly different than the one I transcribed above from “Heavenly Helpings,” the First Baptist cookbook that came out in 2004.)

cookbook hh roast pork

cookbook Heavenly Helpings

recipe roast pork

  1. You will note the 10 hours of cooking time! I don’t know if we cooked the pig at the beach that long, but I have definitely oven roasted a fresh pork loin in less than 10 hours. So an alternative is 350 degrees for 3 hours. Probably Grandma’s was better!

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