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bobby with cake

(Editor’s note: Read Uncle “Marlboro Man” Bobby’s comment, already posted below.)

  1. Penny and I think this would have been in/around 1972 (my Marlboro Man coat). It’s hard to tell from the pan and topping, but it was most likely Momma’s blueberry congealed salad with whipped cream and nuts. She didn’t make many sheet cakes that thick, although the other option is a red velvet cake (another one of my favorites) which also had a white frosting and nuts. The coat I bought in Seattle on my way back from Viet Nam. I got on the plane in a short sleeved shirt (it was 90 degrees), and when I got off the plane in Seattle, it was 8 degrees. I shivered my way to a Post Exchange and bought the warmest coat I could find. That was about the time that the Marlboro Man ad campaign was underway in the US, with a rugged cowboy riding across the range in a coat that looked remarkably like mine. So to Penny, that became my Marlboro Man coat.

  2. Well this is not about the cake/salad, but I do remember those days. I remember crying all through Christmas the first year you didn’t come home because you were in Vietnam… You were really cute 37 years ago! 🙂

  3. Wow – thanks for that! I guess I did clean up pretty good. It also looks as if whatever was in the pan, I was interested in putting it behind my belt buckle.

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