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schoolday picture grandma tooth wallets

schoolday picture grandma tooth 5x7

schoolday picture grandma tooth exchangesize

(Editor’s note: What year of school photos could this have been? And what happened to Grandma’s tooth?)

  1. It seems strange now to see Grandma’s picture with the crooked tooth. This was the way it always was as we were growing up; until one of the early years that she was teaching at the high school (maybe 1968 or 69) when she tripped and fell down the stairs and broke off her front teeth. When she went to the dentist to have them restored, he asked her if she wanted them fixed back like they were or to have them fixed perfectly. She said people would forget her crooked tooth and chose to have them fixed back straight… She was right, that is how we all remember her now.

  2. I think I remember vaguely hearing about this, but even more I remember hearing about Granddaddy’s teeth. Was Grandma born with the crooked tooth?

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