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crabbing finally found

crabbing finally found polaroid

(Editor’s note: The top photo is of Mary Predaris, Bee and Bob, probably in the 1980s and probably on the Neuse River, but maybe on the Trent. The two other images appear to have been taken near about the same time.)

  1. We think the lady is Mary Predaris, which would have meant that Spike Predaris most likely took the picture. They were members of First Baptist and really good friends of Bob and Bee. They enjoyed going crabbing together, visited a lot during Bob’s declining years, and remained friends through Bee’s passing. Bob seems pretty healthy in this picture, which makes me think it was taken in the mid-80’s. The location looks like somewhere on the Neuse River. I don’t recognize the pier as a Trent River pier, but next time we’re out, I’ll look for it.

  2. Yes, this is definately Mary Predaris on a crab party at their place… I’m also unsure about the location. I just know that Grandma said that Grandma and Granddaddy were “regulars” at these events. I you know, Grandma knew how to pick up the crabs and clean them.

  3. I believe this picture was taken out where the Predaris’ lived on the Neuse River – their subdivision had it’s own pier. Steve, their son, was my age; Kathy a little older, and Jerry was their oldest. They were regulars at First Baptist.

  4. We may need a change of date for the pictures. The last picture shows Daddy on the stern bench of the Carver. That boat was a 1989 model that he bought in 1990 at the Raleigh boat show. So if all these pictures were taken at the same time, the date would need to move from the ’80’s to at least early ’90’s.

  5. Granddaddy looks like he had on Grandma’s hat. Do you think the Carver was docked at Gangplank Road?

  6. Wait! Wait! Mea culpa! Now that I’ve got these two other photos uploaded, I don’t think they belong as a threesome. Compared to the photo with Mrs. Predaris, in the two other pictures Grandma and Granddaddy have on different outfits. Somehow this escaped me the other day when I was going through our mound of river photos. (Sometimes it’s like playing that old game Memory … I’m always thrilled when I THINK I’ve got a match!)

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