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boyd & friends on the river

(Editor’s note: Grandma wrote, “Ann Clark, Boyd, Susan Goulding & Sherry Watson.” The stamped date at the top says August 1965. Aunt Boyd at Sweet 16!)

  1. I remember this bathing suit well. Grandma took me to buy it especially because I had a date to go to the beach. My boyfriend and a guy friend of mine were going but I did not know the other girl. I was in deep despair about what to wear. Two piece bathing suits had just appeared on the fashion scene; this was my first (note it came up above my belly button). The funny thing was that when we got to the beach, the other girl had on EXACTLY the same suit. ­čÖé

  2. These three girls were my bonded buddies growing up. We were all the same age and all went regularly to First Baptist Church in New Bern. This was taken at a camp “on the River” where Susan had invited us.

  3. Not to make Uncle Tom jealous, but … who was the boy?!? ­čÖé And do you remember where Susan’s camp was? Are you still in touch with all these folks?

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