In 1930s & Before, 3-Marion (Sonny) King 1924-, 3-Robert (Bubba) King, Jr. 1921-2004, 3-William (Happy) King 1922-1998, FAMILY: BROTHERS (BOB), POSTS on July 4, 2009 at 8:12 am

sailor suit sonny

sailor suit happy

sailor suit bubba

sailor suit BACK

(Editor’s note: So cute in their sailor suits! From youngest to oldest, here we have Sonny, Happy and Bubba — Marion Johnson King, James Patterson King and Robert King, Jr., in other words. According to Grandma’s records, Bubba was born on February 27, 1921, Happy was born on October 14, 1922, and Sonny was born on December 12, 1924. I’ve included the scan of the back of one of these photos, so maybe you can make out the “Blanchard’s Studio” stamp.)

  1. Very handsome boys… and amazing how much Uncle Billy looked like Sonney in this little boy picture!

  2. I know! And Granddaddy’s ears match Rebecca’s.

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