Eva Boyette’s Crab Soup

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2009 at 8:12 am

1. can cream of chicken
1 ” ” mushroom
1 ” cream celery
1 ” tomato soups
1 ” split pea soup
5 cans 1/2% milk or water
1 lb crabmeat

Cook in Crock pot or very slowly until well blended. Add a little black pepper

(Editor’s note: Whoever decides to make this recipe also should buy stock in Campbell’s Soup Company! Goodness gracious! Somebody please tell us more about Eva Boyette. And also scan the handwritten recipe below and give me your opinion … do you think the “Snacks” are meant to be served with the soup?)

  1. So Oysterettes were little crackers… definiately to eat with the soup, ususally sprinked on top of the soup and eaten with a spoon. They made little crunchy bites to jazz up the soup.

  2. Eva Boyette was a math teacher at New Bern High School. (I had her my senior year and was almost deferred from ever taking Math again.) However, Grandma said she was always very nice(!) Ms Boyette occasionaly invited teachers to have lunch with her at her place down somewhere near the beach. I assume the soup was something she served at one of these parties.

    The recipe sounds great to me except Tomato soup seems strange to mix with mushroom!

  3. BTW, I think that was 5 cans of water/milk in the recipe.

  4. Aunt Boyd, you are absolutely right about the 5 cans. I couldn’t decide between “3” or “5” when I was first typing. I will change it above. Good eye! Thank you!

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