Aunt Boyd’s Crab and Corn Chowder

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(approx one gallon)

The chowder does not have recipe, so I’ll just have to tell you how to make it. It takes crabmeat, corn and milk in some variety of combinations along with some spices. Use what you have or can get and just enjoy it. Here is how I made mine:

16 oz of crabmeat

You need some crabmeat. I guess you can buy it fresh at a seafood market. You could take a chicken neck and tie a string to it and hang it off a dock in salty sound or brackish river water. Then you can recruit your crabs with a deep dip net, but you would have to clean them yourself. I took the easy route and bought a can of fancy lump crabmeat at a grocery store for about $10.00.

32 oz of corn

You need some corn. The best would be to buy some fresh on the cob, shuck it and strip the kernels off. Alternatives are to buy frozen or canned corn at the grocery store. It doesn’t matter if it is cooked or not because it cooks so quickly in the soup.

2-3 Qts Milk

You need some milk. How much milk you use and what percent cream you use are all personal preference based on how juicy or thick you want it. I started measuring out milk by the cup and decided that it just takes a lot of milk for this much crabmeat. I used 1% milk becuase I am always trying to save fat calories, but the soup might taste beter with whole milk or some cream.


Now some peole like soups that are creamier. You could add some heavey cream or add corn starch (2 Tbs dissolved in cold milk). Or you could just cheat and add Campbell’s Cream of Celery soup like I did — 1 or 2 cans. I also added a 1 Tsp of cornmeal as a thickener (Ok, so it was really hushpuppy mix, but it is just about the same!).


Don’t add any salt because the crabmeat is salty (and Grandma won’t like it). Good things to add are Worcheshire sauce (1 tsp), pepper, and sweet basil (a tiny bit like 1/4 tsp). I also added some powdered wine seafood seasoning that came packaged that way.

Combine all ingredients in a large sauce pan and bring to a simmer. Doesn’t have to really cook long. It is really good for seafood lovers.

(Editor’s note: Ain’t it great how Aunt Boyd writes this like a story? You all sampled this delicacy at her house during Christmas 2006. Aunt Boyd, what was your inspiration?)

recipe crab soup boyd

recipe crab soup boyd 2

  1. This recipe evolved from a time Grandma and I were left at the beach by our selves eating leftovers. Grandma was “creating” soup out of left over oysters (which was her favorite); so I had crabmeat left over from a visit to the Crabshack and I made my own soup. It makes me happy to remember it.

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