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chickens aunt bess

chickens aunt bess BACK

(Editor’s note: I don’t know if you can make it out, but written on the photo itself are the words, “Aunt Bess.” Then on the back, in what looks to be script from a very old pen, there’s “Sept. 7, 1910.” The stamp says, “FINISHED BY The Columbia Photographic Studio, Lowest Prices Best Work, 1438 1/2 Main St. Columbia, S.C. Phone 1455.” Back when phone numbers were only four digits! Now, which of you can tell us more about Aunt Bess? And how did that orange sticker get to be on the front?)

  1. Wait a minute – I can remember 4 digit phone numbers! When we were growing up at 1806 Tryon Road our number was 5524. I remember when we went to 7-digit dialing, we felt OPPRESSED. Exchanges were given names – ours was MELrose – so our first three digits became 635. It seemed like it took forever to dial, and of course it was a rotary phone, so you had to twist the dial and wait for it to return.
    Aunt Bess was GM’s maternal aunt – GGM Minnie Anna Dodd Garris’ sister. She was Elizabeth Jenkins Dodd, born in 1885 and died in 1980, one of the ten children of Joseph Hoffman Dodd and Adeline Delilah Kizer Dodd. She married James Capers Hiott and they had 6 children, none of whom I have ever met. My records show James dying in 1938 but I have no record of why.

  2. I’m not sure about the baby in the photo, if it was Bess’ child. Nonie Elizabeth Hiott wasn’t born until 1911. It was probably Bess’ first child, Joseph Capers Hiott. He was born in 1908, so would have been 2 years old at the time of the photo. He married Vera Annette Golson and they had 2 children. He died in 1939, 1 year after their second child (James Capers Hiott, II) was born. One odd note – James Capers Hiott, Sr died the year before (1939) his son, Joseph Capers Hiott died (1939). I don’t have any information on the reasons for either.

  3. Sorry – there’s a typo in the last comment. James Capers Hiott, Sr died in 1938 rather than 1939, the year James Capers Hiott, II died.

  4. Thanks for the remembering Bobby. Do you have all of Minnie Anna’s sister’s names? Which one was the one that Momma went to Edisto beach to visit?

  5. Aunt Bess Hiott was the sister of Grandmama Minnie Dodd Garris. She lived in St. Matthews where she brought up her family after her husband died. She became a judge replacing her husband and married people on her front porch. She and her sister, Aunt Jess Stack, who also lived in St. Matthews were very close and as opposite as two sisters could be. Aunt Bess was lady-like, fun, loving, somewhat soft spoken, while Aunt Jess was mischievous, told dirty stories, kept a great part of St. Matthews laughing, and managed to raise 4 fine children: George, John David, Dot and Miriam. Aunt Jess embarassed Aunt Bess numerous times but they always appreciated each other and their differences.

  6. Anybody want to put together a family tree for those of us young ones who have a hard time thinking more than 2 generations back?

  7. Uncle Bobby and Uncle Billy have invested in software that builds a family tree from data entered. Maybe one of them will print it out for us.

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