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In 1960s & 1970s, 4-Boyd King Dimmock 1949-, 4-Penelope (Penny) Flynt King 1949-, 4-Robert (Bobby) King III 1946-, 4-Thomas (Tom) Dimmock 1949-, 4-William (Billy) King 1954-, 5-Mary Cooley Roberts 1968-, FAMILY: BROTHER & SISTERS (BEE), First Baptist & Around New Bern, POSTS on August 4, 2009 at 5:54 am






(Editor’s note: Grandma and Granddaddy saw a lot of wedding action in 1973, as the pictures above are from August 5 of that year — just three short months before Bobby and Penny got married. At Boyd and Tom’s wedding reception, Aunt Boyd remembers that ” … Grandma made this fantastic crabdip, served with crackers. (I knew she must love me to serve crabdip to all those people). Our punch was served in Grandma’s big crystal punchbowl but I don’t remember what kind. We had nuts and mints and Grandma’s cheese biscuits and sausage balls. AND we had watermelons carved like baskets full of bite-sized cut fruit. As we were getting ready to leave the church, a couple of the groomsmen took the watermelons and slipped them under the back wheels of Uncle Tom’s little blue Spider convertible. Yes, they lifted the car up and set the tires in the baskets … so it was supposed to slow down our departure. Actually, in low gear Tom was able to jump the car out of the watermelons, but in the process the spinning wheels sprayed watermelon juice all over the crowd of our friends standing around throwing rice.”

She also remembers that her wedding cake “was multiple tiered … white icing with pink roses … It was made by THE bakery down town in New Bern and THE place to get wedding cakes. Scratch made yellow pound cake layers. It was the only thing ‘store bought’ for my wedding since either Grandma or her friends made everything else. Those WERE good times.”

Now, Aunt Boyd, all you have to do is name all the folks in these photos! That’s Mary as your flower girl, right?)

  1. Happy Anniversary Mama & Daddy!!!! May you have 36 more joyfilled, adventuresome years together ahead. Write a book, play the piano, learn a new language, teach grandkids how to ride a bike.

    I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much.

  2. Oops. 36. I think in that e-mail I said 37 … Aunt Boyd, I suppose I would appreciate the beauty of math better if I could actually DO it. 🙂 HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  3. It s fun to look back at this picture of our wedding party; especially to remember who they were then and who they have now turned out to be. So from left to right:
    Ellen Manson (Moore)- friend from Meredith (had her son at age 41; now living in Richond)
    Thom Hege – Tom’s roommate at NCSU and a daiy farmer
    Sharyn Hemrick (West)- suitemate from Meredith and Raleigh friend today (also a grandmother now of 3)and my craft group frind.
    Brother Bill King- Y’all know him – He and Bobby sang and played guitar for the wedding – much less hair now; married to Julie and father of 4 of you.
    Martha Campbell – Tom’s sister (now also grandmother of 2)
    Broher Bob King – Y’all know him too
    Ann Munns – My Maid of Honor, roommate from Mereditdh and BFF friend from New Bern High School – I am wearing her wedding gown that I borrowed.
    Boyd Garris King Dimmock
    Al Dimmock – Tom’s Dad who performed our ceremony
    Mary Roberts – my flower girl and cousin Julia Helen’s daughter
    Tom Dimmock – my new husband and now grandfather of Annalise
    Russ Uzzle – Tom’s best man and friend from Broughton
    Penny Flynt – My suitemate from Mereith who happened to be engaged to bother Bob
    Bruce Holland – Tom’s buddy fron high school who toured Europe with him the summer before I met Tom.
    Bonnie Scott – Friend from Meredith who introduced me to Tom
    Frank Dimmock – Tom’s younger brother, now a missionary to Africa, married with 8 children
    Ellen Dimmock – Tom’s baby sister, married to Mike with 2 sons.
    Mike Dodd – Tom’s long tme friend, hrough high schol and was a cheerleder with him at NCSU. Married now with 3 kids.
    You can note that all the guys were wearing pink… big topic of dicussion, but real men wear pink!

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