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mary steve wedding julia helen

mary wedding with bridesmaids michaela

mary wedding julia juliahelen

mary wedding stmatthews house

mary wedding in flowers

mary steve wedding michaela at door

mary wedding leaving church

mary wedding leaving church mistake photo

mary steve wedding can-can

(Editor’s note: As you can probably tell, the first five photos are professional, and the rest are — let’s say — aspirational! They all depict the goings-on in St. Matthews, S.C., on Sept. 7, 1991 — the day that Mary Julia Cooley and Steve Walter Roberts were married. Everyone notice the flower girl and the getaway car? Steve says that he “can only recall that there was plenty of ‘finger foods'” at the reception, but that “unfortunately, we did not get to eat it! šŸ˜¦ Our wedding planner had us so busy running around the reception area moving from one spot to another that we did not get a bite to eat during that whole time and did not get fed until hours later!”)


Lady Fingers

In 3-Evelyn Floy Garris 1910-1997, FAMILY: BROTHER & SISTERS (BEE) on September 23, 2009 at 6:57 am

1 stick butter
1/2 Cup white sugar
2 Cups flour self-rising flour
2 teaspoons cold water
2 ” vanilla
1 cup chopped pecans

Cream sugar & butter well, add vanilla, chopped nuts, then cold water & flour. Mix well & roll into fingers or balls. Bake 375 degrees for 12 mi.

Roll in powdered sugar.

(Editor’s note: The words above are copied off of the blue-and-white recipe card. I’m posting the entire card here so you all can help me with some archival puzzling. Do you think that the fact both the recipes for Lady Fingers AND Nutbars are on this card means that they BOTH came from Aunt Floy? Also, are these the same things that some people call “wedding cookies?”)

recipe nutbars & ladyfingers


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(Editor’s note: The date was September 22, 1979, and Aunt Julie remembers that at the reception they “had the traditional southern menu for afternoon weddings — wedding cake with heart-shaped layers filled with strawberry filling and buttercream frosting, lady fingers, cheese biscuits (Gma King’s recipe), sausage balls, nut and mints. Our punch was made with frozen pineapple juice, frozen pureed bananas and Sprite with a few strawberries floating in the punch bowl. Since I was working as Youth and Music Minister at First Baptist church in Raeford, many of the church ladies, Boyd, and Penny helped me make everything wonderful. Bob and Bee planned the rehearsal dinner at the Bordeaux Inn in Fayetteville, NC because Raeford had no restaurants!”

She also recalls that her “brother Mark went into a diabetic comma 3 days before the wedding so my Momma was overwhelmed caring for him. But, everyone was praying and Mark got better quickly so everything went wonderfully on the wedding day.”

As for the ceremony itself: “Julia Helen played the organ. Boyd and Bob sang ‘The Wedding Song’ as a duet. My roommate, Charlene, sang ‘Just Because I Asked.’ The congregation sang one of our favorite hymns – ‘Joyful, Joyful, We adore Thee.’ Carey was the beautiful flower girl. Julie Anna was only a few months old and she showed up for the photos.”

And: “The best part was when Billy sang to me! He sang ‘Let Us Climb the Hill Together,’ by Paul Clark. Billy held my hands and sang looking at me. The lines I remember most vividly were, ‘I will make you queen of our home … We’ll raise our family in a castle full of love and trust the Lord in everything.’ Here are the lyrics:

‘I have waited such a long, long time for this day to come
And all I have to give is the love from God’s only Son
He gave to me, I give to you.
I pray that God will be with us night and day
Guide us all the way in our life.

There will be no strife with Jesus Christ
And His Kingdom which has come
And made it possible for you and I to be one.
I will make you queen of our home under the glory of the King.
We’ll raise our family in a castle full of love and trust the Lord in everything.
Let us sing to the King Hallelujah

In times of trial when things are hard to see will you stand by me with Love?
It can heal the pain, so let it rain on the roof of my soul,
There is no hole that love can’t fill.
So let us climb, let us climb the hill together
Let us climb the hill together.'”)