Turkey & Gravy

In "Pass The Plate" 1981, "South Carolina Cookbook" 1953, 2-Minnie Anna (Sister) Dodd Garris 1874-1957, FAMILY: MATERNAL LINE (BEE), SOURCES on November 18, 2009 at 7:26 am

Christmas or Thanksgiving Turkey

Wash turkey thoroughly and place in covered baking pan with 1 quart water. Bake 400 F until heat reaches that or 15 mi. Reduce to 350 for about 2-3 hours. Test to see if turkey is tender and done. It starts tearing away at drumsticks or a fork goes into very easily.

Remove livers, gizzards and neck.


Brown 1 cup flour in just enough oil so it will cook.

Add liquid from turkey above until you get the desired consistency.

Add 3 boiled eggs chopped up.

The cut-up livers & gizzards from above.

(Editor’s note: “My Mother at Round O, 1930,” is who Grandma/Momma/Bee gives credit to for the recipes above, which are from the blue recipe page below. Also below are two cookbook recipes for giblet gravy that come from two of Grandma/Momma/Bee’s cookbooks — the first, a book so well-worn that it has no cover or title page, and the second, “South Carolina Cookbook,” a 1953 cookbook by the South Carolina Council of Farm Women.)

recipe minnie anna dodd turkey

  1. It is interesting that the length of cooking time varies by an hour with no suggestion of how much the turkey weighed. Probably Minnie Anna was cooking a bird that was not wrapped in cellophane with a weight sticker! Wonder how large a turkey they usually had – I know that Grandma always cooked a turkey larger than 20 pounds.

  2. I bought the biggest turkey I could find – 22 pounds…

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