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(Editor’s note: There are no notes on the back of these photos. Are any of you on the field?)

  1. Well, it is pretty likely that Granddaddy took these from the upper deck of the stadium and it was before the end of the field was enclosed with seating as it is today. My guess would be that Uncle Billy is on the field. Jessica and Jason, was the field enclosed when you were there?

  2. By the way, State played at Riddick stadium on campus when Uncle Bobby was there.

  3. Yep, Carter-Findley came after me. I expect that if you blow up the trombone section, Uncle Billy will be there.

  4. They had begun to enclose the stadium during our era. For a couple of years the band had its own special section in front of the Finley Fieldhouse, right where the bushes are in the first pic!

    Check out Mr. Wuf at the 50yd line in the third pic too.

    BTW, If we blow up the trombone section there won’t be any left!

  5. Oh, the homemade banners hanging from Finley Fieldhouse probably indicate Homecoming too.

  6. I think I’m tooting my trombone in the 2nd “T”. We would line up and start marching from the Field House down the field to the grassy back and do a reverse in the endzone and come back to make a funnel for the team to run through. I actually think the pictures are out of order! Maybe I can find a picture or two of Jessica and Jason’s version of this!

  7. You guys know that I have no idea how marching bands operate! Uncle Billy, tell me what order you think the photos should go in, and I’ll do a little re-arranging. What year do you reckon this would have been?

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