In 2-Robert King, Sr. 1890-1977, 3-Robert (Bubba) King, Jr. 1921-2004, 4-Boyd King Dimmock 1949-, 4-Julia Helen Garris 1937-2011, 4-Penelope (Penny) Flynt King 1949-, 4-Robert (Bobby) King III 1946-, 4-Thomas (Tom) Dimmock 1949-, 4-William (Billy) King 1954-, FAMILY: BROTHER & SISTERS (BEE), FAMILY: PATERNAL LINE (BOB) on December 5, 2009 at 2:02 pm



(Editor’s note: “Maybe I should grow my ‘stache again,” is what Daddy/Bobby has to say about the photograph at the top.

The second photo is of the King family as of November 1973 — Penny Flynt King, Billy King, Bobby King, Grandma/Momma/Bee King, Granddaddy/Daddy/Bob King, Boyd King Dimmock, Tom Dimmock and Great-Granddaddy/Granddaddy/Bob King.

The third photo is of the wedding party, which included, from left, Kim Newsom, Boyd King Dimmock, Ray Munns, the Rev. John Lackey, Connie Flynt Mullinix, Penny Flynt King, Bobby King, Granddaddy/Daddy/Bob King, Tom Dimmock, Sandra Flynt Canipe and Billy King. Connie and Sandra are Penny’s sisters, Kim Newsom was one of Bobby’s fraternity brothers, and Ray Munns growing up was one of Bobby’s best friends.

The reception was held at the Velvet Cloak Inn. As far as Penny can remember, the menu included chicken drumettes, petite ham rolls, chicken salad in tiny croissants, assorted nuts, cheese straws, vegetables and dip, a fruit platter and 7-UP/lime sherbert punch. A Greek bakery on Six Forks Road made the wedding cake, which, according to Penny, featured “white butter cream frosting on yellow cake tiers with raspberry and Boston cream alternating between the layers.”)

  1. And their were beautiful white magnolia blossoms floating in the pool. Penny gave each of her bridesmaids handknitted vests that matched our dresses – very unique and lovely. What a special day! Aren’t they a smashing couple!

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