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(Editor’s note: Note second from right. Daddy/Bobby does not appear to be so happy in his knickers. Is this at Tryon Palace? What year would this have been?)

  1. I never liked my smile during high school, so I usually tried to photograph with a somber expression. Actually the clothes were pretty comfortable.
    The NBHS honor roll group was selected to go to Washington, DC represent New Bern in some celebration. I think it had something to do with antiquity, since we had to go as colonials. The picture was taken on the front steps of Tryon’s Palace. New Bern’s mayor (Max Lupton) is on the center of the steps; the two adults behind him were teachers. I don’t know the other two men. The guy behind the mayor is Billy Pierce (B.J. Oglesby’s brother). The short girl across the steps from me is Ann Meekins, and the girl up from her is Sally King (no relation, but we were always seated next to each other in alphabetically seated classes). I recognize some other faces, but don’t remember names. It was obviously a candid, since the girl at the top of the steps looks like she was sucking a lemon.
    On the trip, we meet John Glenn just after he got back from piloting “Friendship 7” on America’s first orbital flight, so that would date the photograph to 1962. It seems like we were in a hotel banquet room, and our group was introduced just after the meal for a grip ‘n grin. The rest of the trip is hazy, but it seems like we did the local landmarks while we were up there.

  2. YOU MET JOHN GLENN?!? You never told me that! ­čÖé

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