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(Editor’s note: The text of the postcard reads, “THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Organized May 11, 1809 by Elijah Clark, John Brinson and Mrs. Joshua Mitchell. Baptist services were held in 1755 but the first requests to build a church were denied. Baptists were charged with misdemeanors, publicly whipped, bound over to keep the peace, and imprisoned in the county jail. Present church auditorium was built in 1848 and still has a part of the original slave gallery in tact. This church was also used as a hospital during the civil war. Harry S. Truman, 33rd president of the United States, attended worship here Sunday, November 7, 1948 when he came not only to worship but to visit Rev. Thomas W. Fryer who was pastor of the church and described by the president as being ‘a friend of his.'”

Does anybody know why or when this postcard was printed? It appears to be number 28 of a series. Wonder how in the world Rev. Fryer and the president got to be friends?)

  1. This card is interesting in that it includes the religious harassment of the Baptists for trying to start a church in New Bern. Grandma told me that this part of history has been “erased” from the city history due to the embarrassment to the Episcopal church – the only church in town at that time.

  2. Dr. Fryer was before my time, but I think the history shows he was the pastor of FBC when the president visited. Evidently they knew each other somehow.

  3. In my research for our Spring Art exhibit at the Bank of the Arts, I came across a Nov.1948 photo(book-“A New Bern Album”, p.327) of the Rev. Thomas W. Fryer and Mrs. Fryer (great hat with feather)flanking Pres. Harry Truman on FBC steps. There are are photos of the motorcade and parade. Big doins’. It was the first Sunday after his victory.
    Quote in text:”The president was fulfilling a promise made to Rev.Fryer of FBC that he would attend services at that church
    at his first opportunity. Among the dignitaries with him were
    Kerr Scott (Carey, Nana’s side claimed him as distant kin).”
    Truman:”It was a good sermon as I have ever heard.”


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