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(Editor’s note: Laurie sure was short when she graduated from college! Who was that lady handing out the diploma?)

  1. Little girl pictures make me smile – still looking at similarities with Annalise.

  2. Laurie was and is a beautiful girl with warmth of personality and a caring nature.

  3. Laurie was wearing her cap and gown for her 4 year old kindergarten graduation. It was on the steps of Trinity Baptist in Raleigh and seems like yesterday – May, 1986.
    By the way, the red top she is wearing with the white shorts was mine!
    What a lovely young woman she turned out to be. I am very proud of her.

  4. You are gorgeous.

    I remember you like that little girl in the polka dot dress with white apron. 🙂

  5. The picture with Laurie in the blue V-neck sweater has a magnet line in the upper left hand corner – I would guess that is a clue of it’s location on the frig…

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