Julia Crump’s lime punch

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2 pks. lime kool aid
2 qts. water
1 cup sugar
1 qt. Orange juice
1 2 liter ginger ale
Lime sherbet as needed

Mix kool aid, water, sugar, and orange juice together, add ginger ale and sherbet when ready to serve.

you may substitute, cherry or strawberry kool aid if you desire another kind of punch, but be sure not to use Lime sherbet.

For ice you can use frozen mold of kool aid.

(Editor’s note: This punch is best served out of a crystal punch bowl set on a table in the First Baptist Church parlor. Watch out for drips.)

doc grandma baptist state convention

(Editor’s note: From the May 28, 1988, edition of The Biblical Recorder. Julia Crump is on far right.)

recipe lime punch

  1. Jimmie Garver, who is at the far left in this picture, was the chairman of the committee to build the garden at First Baptist church and presided over the dedication today. The garden is beautiful.

  2. I have a wonderful lime punch recipe that Grandma used to use at all the bridal showers she helped to give. It involved lime sherbet and ginger ale in some combination that did not seem too specific, but it made foam and was delicious! 🙂

  3. If you have Grandma’s recipe somewhere, I’d love it! It’s funny, because in 2005 sometime, several First Baptist ladies held a wedding shower for me in the church parlor, and they served lime sherbet punch. I have always been intrigued by lime sherbet punch, because it’s definitely a recipe from the South and from Grandma’s era. So after the shower, I asked Grandma for the recipe and she sent me Julia Crump’s recipe. Wonder why she didn’t send me her own? I’m thinking she thought I was asking for that specific punch that we had at the shower. Funny!

  4. Hi Carey, we are wrapped in blankets, heading north on the intercoastal waterway after having lunch at Calabash. It’s a good day, surrounded by sparkling water, sea gulls, sand and salt marsh grass. Ummm… I know that Grandma used to use orange juice and strawberry cool aid to make pink punch. That is the kind of punch where you would freeze a ring with the cool aid and maybe some sliced fruit and then float it in the crystal punch bowl. I never knew she used any OJ in Lime punch. Maybe I am just confused because I wasn’t making it myself. I don’t really have a recipe, I thought it was just Lime sherbet (slightly melted) and ginger ale.

  5. The pink punch is in Grandma’s recipe book, so just wait for its appearance!

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