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(Editor’s note: The back of this photograph says “1976 PEACH BOWL, NCSU VS WVU, ATLANTA, GA.” Do any of you have any stories about that?)

  1. I’m surprised by the 1976 date, unless NCSU and WVU played a second time. Granddaddy, Grandma, Aunt/Penny/Mama, and Uncle/Bobby/Daddy went to the Peach Bowl in 1973 (before we were married), also between NCSU and WVU. NCSU won. We had a quarterback/wide receiver combo who had played together since they were kids and were simply great. We ate at Pitty Pat’s Porch, and I got a dish that was served in a 9″ cast iron skillet that I got to keep. We still have it somewhere. It seems like we also dropped by Columbia on that trip, which would have been the first time that Aunt/Penny/Mama met Greatgranddaddy King when he lived on Haywood Street. He had already moved away from College Street by then.

  2. Daddy, you were right to doubt the 1976 date! Wikipedia says that the “1976 Peach Bowl was a postseason college football match between the Kentucky Wildcats football and the North Carolina Tarheels at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. The University of Kentucky represented the Southeastern Conference (SEC) and North Carolina represented the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) in the competition. The game was the final competition of the 1976 football season for each team and resulted in a 21–0 Kentucky victory.”

  3. OK, let me clarify –

    I went to 2 Peach Bowls – the first my freshman year (December 31, 1972) against West Virgina, which we won big, and the second my senior year (December 31, 1975) also against West Virgina, which we lost close. So it was only one day from 1976! This game was also interesting in that it was Lou Holtz’s last game as State coach before he went to the NY Jets, and was also Bobby Bowden’s last game as WVU coach, right before he left to go to Florida State.

    The second game was also attended by my good friend and future bride, Julie Kicklighter, who couldn’t afford to go on her own but was hired to assist a blind student from Meredith who wanted to go “see” the game. This is the girl who decided on New Year’s Eve in Atlanta that she was too tired to go out after the game which enabled Julie to go out with me and my family (may God bless that girl!) So there you have the rest of the story!

  4. So Tom and I also remember multiple Beach Bowl trips with Momma and Daddy, including a wonderful trip to Pitty Pat’s Porch. But it seems like the last one we went to there was fog in the stadium, and we could hardly see the field from our seats. So this picture was NOT taken at that game. I found this in the history of NC State Bowl games:
    Dec. 31, 1975 Peach Bowl-West Virginia 13, N.C. State 10

  5. Hey Uncle Billy and Aunt Julie: Did Grandma and Granddaddy come with you to this game? And, Aunt Julie, who was this blind student and how did you help her to “see?” That is amazing.

  6. Hey Carey – are we missing a comment from Julie?

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