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(Editor’s note: Here we have Uncle Billy/Bill suited up to play for his eighth-grade Central Junior High School team. Like Daddy/Uncle Bobby and Aunt Boyd/Boyd, he was at Central for seventh and eighth grades. Click here to see what Central is now.

Sources — named Uncle Billy — tell us that eighth grade was the one year he played organized football: “I’m number 12! I played halfback on offense and corner back on defense, not that I played a lot but I did get into some games.

“I don’t even remember the mascot, but I think we were all Bears at heart!”)

  1. Surely this was taken in our living room, but I don’t recognize the carpet! You look like a real football player – I like the red and black uniform – Go Bears!

  2. I must have already left home by the time you played – I don’t remember this. But hooray anyway!
    This was taken by the front door at 1806 Tryon Road before M and D put down carpet. The rugs were there to disguise the wood floor’s need for a refinishing. Look just to the left of the rug Bill’s knee is on; you’ll see the varnish has perished. I don’t remember if they did one more refinishing before they went to W/W carpet or went ahead and put it in next. But those wood floors are still there. The problem is that they are pine, and although it it heart pine (very hard for pine), it’s still somewhat of a soft wood that doesn’t resist abrasion well.

  3. It was quite a wake up call to get clipped (blocked in the back) at full speed, as it made me wonder if I would ever walk again. I enjoy watching my teams play, and I enjoy playing touch football, but the tackle version is a bit different.

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