In 1980s & 1990s, 5-Carolyn (Carey) King 1977-, 5-Claire King Parrish 1981-, 5-Julie Anna Dimmock 1979-, 5-Laurie Dimmock Nappier 1982-, Beach & Boat, POSTS on March 12, 2010 at 10:41 am

(Editor’s note: Blanket makes a beach appearance! Would this have been summer of 1984? The back of the photo says it was developed in January 1985.

Grown-ups, which of you is sitting on that couch? And for the record, where did the blanket come from? Where is blanket now?)

  1. Well, they blanket looks in very good shape at this point – it’s younger days! I just want Laurie to notice how straight her hair was in the front and how curley it was in the back (just like her daughters!).
    So along with Claire, Laurie, Carey and Julie Anna – what adult could we identify from a sliver of leg and a little outline of hair? Might be me – the hair color looks light for Penny.

  2. As stalkery as this sounds, I think that’s my mom’s shirt and my mom’s hair on the person on the couch. I think I recognize that tiny sliver of red and white plaid. And from the gatherings of the cousins, it looks like the kind of interest they would have shown towards a baby, which from the age of Laurie, etc, might be me!

  3. What fun, Michaela – I bet you’re right!

    Carey asked me to tell where Laurie’s blanket came from – but I don’t remember any details. It was the one we had when she was first born and used in her crib. Maybe it was a shower gift; a yellow thermal blanket with satin edges. Unfortunately it soon was a one of a kind with Laurie and it was the only one. It is notable that Laurie travels with multiple blankets for Annalise so as to always be prepared.

  4. Michaela, I thought it was Mom/Julie too, but she couldn’t be holding you. The photo was developed 6 months before you were born.

  5. Well, I know it’s not me.


  6. The stuff beside the mystery adult could be wrapping paper. I have a hard time telling where Claire’s hair stops and the adult’s begins, but at my first glance, I thought of Julie (before I read the responses).

  7. True, Jessica. I’d missed the part about the developing. Hmmm.

  8. It’s me on the couch. I was probably looking at someone’s birthday gifts.

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