Greek Spinach Pie

In First Baptist & Around New Bern on March 17, 2010 at 8:45 am

3 packs frozen chopped spinach thawed – water squeezed out
9 eggs
8 oz soften cream cheese
1 lb feta cheese crumpled
1/2 lb butter or oleo
1 box filo leaves

In large bowl beat eggs, add cream cheese & cheese.

With pastry brush gease 12 x 16 Pan – Divide filo leaves, put 1/2 in botton & 1/2 on top – Butter well.

Spread all of Spinach mixture over filo, then on top use rest of filo leaves, buttering well.

Mark squares & cut with electric knife before baking.

Bake 350 – 1 hour or until golden

Note: Filo dries out quickly – Cover with damp cloth while buttering the one in the pan.

(Editor’s note: Grandma/Momma/Bee notes at the top of this recipe that it came originally from Mary Predaris, a First Baptist friend. Just how Greek were the Predarises? We didn’t have too many Greek names in New Bern!)

  1. I know Grandma and Mary were good friends. She was the one who used to have crabbing parties at there place on the river. I know that whenever Grandma had baklava it was from Mary and it was homemade. Their son Jerry was a friend of mine growing up at First Baptist.

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