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(Editor’s note: Aah, so romantic. This photo, taken by my Daddy/Bobby, is in his “kitchen w/wife.” It was taken in 1975 or 1976, while he and my Mama/Penny lived in England, and if you need help finding the “wife,” “sitting room,” “refrigerator” and “washing machine,” just look for the arrows.)

  1. I love that Mama was identified as “wife”. That is so my Daddy, including describing all the appliances and their locations 🙂

  2. Well, I think we would have all recognized the “wife”, but your Daddy wanted all the family back home to appreciate the fact that the refrigerator was only a half-high – to justify their letters about how small the apartment was and shopping everyday to buy supper. We missed them while they were in England – he was just staying in touch. You realize that this photo would have been carefully mailed home in an envelope because not only were there no digital photographs at that time, THERE WAS NO EMAIL!!!! Just image!

  3. And out the window, behind “WIFE”, was the lovely Bushy Park of Hampton Court Palace.
    Everyday while cooking in our teeny-tiny-little-kitchen, I would watch the Royal Deer that belonged to the Queen.
    Talk about some high-end real estate!!!!

  4. And isn’t she lovely!
    This was the kitchen at 236 Harrowdene Gardens. Boyd’s right – that was one tiny fridge. It was expected that you’d shop for groceries every other day or so, milk was delivered at your doorstep every morning, and there was no place to keep frozen foods.
    Although it was a third-floor walkup, the view over Bushy Park was great – worthy of a wonderful pastoral painting. When you walked through, there were signs about not bothering the deer.

  5. Ummm… artist – view – where’s the pastoral painting now?

  6. Hahaha!! I wondered if you thought we might confuse the wife with the refridgerator. You have to give us more credit than that?! 🙂

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