In 1980s & 1990s, 2000 & Beyond, Pets on May 4, 2010 at 6:15 am

(Editor’s note: Dasher the dog liked to eat watermelon.

According to Aunt Julie/Julie, “Dasher would get small tidbits from our kids when we would eat out on the deck. He liked samples of cheese, watermelon and small bites of a hamburger or hotdog. He refused to eat green beans and broccoli!”

And, as we all know, “He loved to chase crabs and seagulls.”

The photo of this particular watermelon is from St. Matthews in August 2009. Julia Helen and Aunt Julia had it waiting on their kitchen counter for my dad and me when we paid them a visit.)

  1. Those striped watermelons were always the ones Grandma liked best and told me to pick out at the fruit stand – even if it cost more.

  2. Wow, Aunt Boyd, I never knew that. Do you mean she liked the long, oval watermelons versus short, round ones? Or was she looking for a particular skin pattern? I love it when you teach me Grandma factoids I never knew!

  3. It was the striped ones, just like this picture; and I think that might have been the kind they raised at home in Round-O.

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