In 1930s & Before, 3-Evelyn Floy Garris 1910-1997, 3-Jessie (J'Mae or Ditta) Garris 1914-2011, FAMILY: BROTHER & SISTERS (BEE), POSTS on May 9, 2010 at 8:00 am

(Editor’s note: As you can tell, the first photo says, “Jessie & Floy at picnic” on its back. The second photo says nothing on its back, but the two photos seem to go together, based on edging and color tone. Who do you think these folks are at the picnic? Is that Granddaddy/Daddy squatting? Who’s the boy? What year could this have been? And what on earth do you think’s inside that box?)

  1. I’d make some wild guesses that they guy with the pipe was Uncle Lowell and the little boy was either Douglas or Roland, and from the shape of his head, Roland. The lady next to the tree seems to be holding a baby (possibly a leg at her hip) that could have been Douglas. Those guesses are because none of us are in the picture, and I never saw GM Bee with a camera in her hands. That still leaves the mystery of who did take the picture. Daddy/Granddaddy did smoke a pipe; I can’t remember whether Uncle Lowell did or not, but I think he did.
    Maybe Momma/Grandma was pregnant with me and Daddy/Granddaddy took the picture. Momma/Grandma could have been standing beside Floy, behind the tree. Just some wild guessing.

  2. I think the lady in the middle is Aunt Jessie, I actually thought it was her before knowing what was written on the back of the picture. The taller lady sort of behind the tree is Aunt Floy. It’s possible that the pictures were given to Grandma, but she and Granddaddy were not there. Was Roland older than Douglas? I didn’t know that.

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