In 1930s & Before, 2-Minnie Anna (Sister) Dodd Garris 1874-1957, 2-William B. Garris 1879-1949, 3-Wilhelmina (Bee) Garris King 1918-2007, FAMILY: MATERNAL LINE (BEE), FAMILY: PATERNAL LINE (BEE), POSTS on January 6, 2013 at 6:46 am

bee birth certificate page 1

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  1. I remember Momma telling us that she had found her birth certificate – the one for Minnie Anna’s 4th child, a daughter, and amazingly her given name was Ethel … goodness gracious! Momma’s name was clearly Wilhelmina Boyd – being named after both her Daddy, William, and Minnie Anna’s younger brother, Boyd, who died as a child. It was a surprise to Momma and she thought maybe the doctor who filled out the birth certificate two weeks later (it is dated April 12) had forgotten what Minnie Anna said the name was to be and made up Ethel. She was upset enough by this to go to the trouble of having her name legally changed to Wilhelmina Boyd – I wonder if the people at the court house were surprised by her choosing such a name. I guess it was just stuck on her good by then.

    I should add that Momma was also surprised to find her birthday listed as Mar 26, 1918; since we had always celebrated on March 27th. Momma and Daddy both had their birthdays on the 27th (Daddy’s was Feb. 27th) so it was easy to remember. She had also told me on several occasions that she was exactly 30 years older than me – having been born in 1919. But I guess the exact age of a little girl growing up on a farm in the country was not considered a serious issue and she was home school until high school. I would guess that the year is the thing the doctor would have gotten correct on the birth certificate. In any case, Momma made out her own grave marker, and she listed her birth date as March 27, 1918 there.

    I recognize her handwriting on the name change form. Even though my third grade teacher did not teach us to make cursive capital letter “B” like that, I copied Momma’s and have always made my B’s starting at the bottom and swooping up like hers was. I tried to copy her in lots of things. I always hoped to be as good a mother as she was.

  2. A January 2013 email chain, reproduced …

    CAREY (after having changed references on this site to “March 27, 1919” due to Grandma’s memory here: “Aunt Boyd, Do you want me to change Grandma’s birthdate on the family trees to “March 27, 1918″ — if that’s what’s on her grave marker?”

    BOYD: “Yes, its seems of all the mistakes on the birth certificate, that the year is one thing it would be pretty hard to get wrong. And Grandma did give 1918 on her grave marker. I think we should match that.”

    CAREY: “Do the brothers concur on ‘March 27, 1918?’ This whole things is still boggling to me. Do you guys remember any particular year when Grandma started introducing herself as an extra year old than what she had been introducing herself as? It looks on the birth certificate that she got her name officially changed in 1970 — so was it in 1970 that she ‘skipped’ a year in age? That had to be confusing. I don’t remember her mentioning it until late in life.”

    BOBBY: “I think the year 1918 would have been hard to mess up, and that’s what Momma had on her footstone. I think the doc could have missed the day, but her parents would be less likely to have, so if they celebrated the 27th, I’d go with that. I don’t remember when she shared this with us, but it was late in life.”

    BILLY: “If I sit really still, and think really hard, I can remember Mom saying she was not certain about the year, but I never remember her being uncertain about the day. March 27, 1918 sounds good to me. I really think it ought to match her footstone! Love y’all!”

    CAREY: “Hooray! I’m looking up to the heavens for confirmation. 🙂 And, hmmmm … I think we’ve got it! 🙂 THEREFORE, I just changed the year to 1918 on the “Family Trees” page: The only thing is that I’m still confused as to how Minnie Anna could have told Grandma the wrong year. She had Grandma so late in life that I’d think the year would have been somewhat memorable to her. I know it was ‘country,’ and folks forgot things, but a whole year seems like a pretty big thing to forget. The one thing I could think of is that Minnie Anna taught Grandma in their own ‘private school’ — so I wonder if the 1919 year was important to report to the state for some reason regarding schooling? Hmmm …”

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