In 1-William F. Garris 1855-1917, 1930s & Before, FAMILY: PATERNAL LINE (BEE), POSTS on January 13, 2013 at 5:03 am

wb garris

wb garris BACK

(Editor’s note: While this was originally posted as a photo of William Benjamin Garris, the father of Bee / Momma / Grandma, we now realize that it is actually a photo of William Franklin Garris, Bee / Momma / Grandma’s grandfather.)

  1. Can I get a .jpeg scan of this? The large oval portrait I have in the parlor I had identifited as William Franklin Garris as a younger man. This picture seems to confirm that ID. I’ll send you a pic of a pic of it so you can let me know if you agree. And I would like to add that pciture to my FTM file on him. To think of it, perhaps I need to copy parts of “The Way It Was” into each person’s bio in FTM so I’ll have it in one place.

  2. Yes! Here’s the easy way: 1. Click on the photo to enlarge it. 2. Then you can right-click the photo and save as a jpg. Let me know if that works!

    • So did you think that my picture of the young guy and your picture of the elderly WF Garris were the same guy?

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