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round o house 2001

round o house 2001 back

(Editor’s note: If you can’t tell, the date stamp on the back of the photograph is “September 2001.” Given the speed with which Bob/Daddy/Granddaddy developed his film, I’m not sure if that’s when this photo was actually taken, or if that’s finally when he got around to developing it. Was it from a trip he and Bee/Momma/Grandma made to Round O that year?)

  1. This picture does not show it well, but seeing it reminds me of the porch that used to run from the store/kitchen porch back to the back porch of the main house. On that porch, there was a wooden counter with a real, working, hand pump. As I remember it, there was running water in the house when we were children, but you could use that pump to get water outside. There was always a glass quart jar there full of water. You had to pour water into the pump in order to get water out of the pump (called of course, “priming the pump”). I do not remember it, but there were stories of me getting my bath in a wash tub there when I was little. After you poured the water down the pump, you had to work the handle up and down like crazy to get the water started coming up, but then you could fill a bucket or whatever with water, and then the last thing you had to do was to refill the glass jar for the next time.

    The old pump is a reminder of many things in life, where you have to put a lot in before you get anything out.

  2. I couldn’t tell the exact date, but the red roof and repaired porch does at least date it after Momma sold it. The roof I remember growing up was gray or silver, so the new owner must have painted or replaced it after repairing the porch.

  3. Do we have any record of when the sale took place, and to whom?

  4. I remember going down there, I think when Great Aunt Floy died. I thought the house was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen, with the big porches and walkways. The thing I primarily remember about the house was the smell, though. The house was entirely draped with soft purple wisteria blossoms – in my memory, the wisteria had wrapped itself around the house like a cocoon, and blossoms were hanging from the porch ceiling, poking up through the floorboards, and wrapped around every railing. The smell was almost overwhelming, and I felt like it was permeating everything. All you could hear was the drone of bees in the air, and every time the wind blew, little purple petals fell in showers. I don’t remember how old I was, but I remember feeling like for the first time in my life, I really understood what the South was.

    I also remember exploring inside the house, although Mom didn’t want us to, for fear of us falling through a rotten floorboard. I think I still (probably disobediently) went upstairs, and on the floor of one of the bedrooms, there was a pile of old, yellowing papers. They were school papers of Floy’s, and I think they were biology notes, or something. It was so strange to sit there and read homework and class notes that were written so many years ago. I may have saved one or two pages, but I don’t think I have them anymore.

  5. Thanks you for that beautiful description, Michaela. I think that was in 1997, so you would have been 12 years old. I also remember being there when you could see through the floor boards and I think that was what made Grandma want to sell it. It would have been very expensive to fix up, and she did not want it to fall in. She had an acre of land surveyed from the farm where the house was and sold that to a lady who wanted to restore the house but kept the rest of the land. It would have been some time between 1997 and 2001 when this picture was taken.

  6. I’m just now seeing this post, and my heart is full. Grandma and I talked about her home growing up. She commissioned this piece, one of my very first commissioned pieces. (She believed in me, and I felt it. She also always spelled my name as one word, knowing she was spelling it her own way. “I’m the Grandma and will spell it the way I think it should be spelled.”)
    When I was actually on site, I took a few pictures myself, which Ill try to find and get to you, Carey. Thank you so much for this labor of love!

  7. I also think that there was a published picture of this house in a book Momma had of historical sites of Colleton County. It was not a very good photo, but one taken long before this one. I do not know what happened to that book, but maybe one of you have it?

  8. Re: Colleton County book. Aunt Boyd, you are right! Stay tuned for it to appear sometime in the future.

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