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7 lbs medium size pickles

Slice 1/2 inch thick & let stand 24 hours in 2 cups of lime & 2 gal water.

Then rinse & let stand in cold water 4 hours, drain well & cover with
2 qts vinegar,
4 1/2 lbs or 9 cups sugar
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon pickling spices
1 teaspoon ground mustard
1 tablespoon salt.

Let stand overnight, then boil 25 min & seal while hot.

(Editor’s note: The writing on this recipe has been smeared — probably from a lot of time spent on a kitchen counter — so if any of you think the amounts I typed here are off, please say so. Do you think it really calls for 7 pounds of cucumbers, and 2 quarts of vinegar? I am guessing the “boil” part is after you’ve put the ingredients into canning jars.)

recipe pickles

recipe pickles BACK

  1. Considering that the receipe starts with 2 gallons of water, I’d believe 7 pounds of cucumbers. The receipe probably created several quarts of pickles.

    If you’ve ever seen a canning operation with Mason jars, yes – the boiling happens after you put the vegetables into the jars. There’s a big pot of water into which you place the jars so the water level is just under the rim of the jars. Bring the water to a boil, then seal the jars while hot. That’s supposed to kill all the harmful (both aerobic and anaerobic) bacteria, and as the jar cools, it pulls a vacuum on the jar.

  2. Yes, I have made pickles, boiling them in jars like this. I agree with the 7 pounds of cucumbers and 2 quarts of vinegar. Note that the sugar and vinegar ratio is about 1 to 1 (8 cups of vinegar to 9 cups of sugar) and that sounds right. I do think it says to cut the pickles into 1/4 inch slices – a little smaller than 1/2 inch. We always think of pickling cucumbers, but at Round-O, that had wonderful watermelon rind pickles too.

    I have never used the lime that is called for in this recipe, but I looked it up, and apparently it helps to make the pickles crisper. This is not lime like the fruit, rather a granular lime powder that comes in a bag.

    • Momma used to make the watermelon rind preserves until the watermelon farmers started growing the thin skinned watermelons. The rind was so thin that it wasn’t worth making preserves from them.

  3. Did Grandma (Bee) ever do canning in New Bern, or was this a Round O thing only?

    • We had a garden at 1806 Tryon Road. Granddaddy Bob bought a walk-behind tractor with a plow. Grandma Bee would can what we didn’t eat, but it wasn’t a lot. I think I remember we had about 10 rows around 75 feet long, but we didn’t seem to have the knack for getting bountious crops. After she decided that wasn’t going to cut it, she would go to the farmer’s market and buy veggies to can. She didn’t keep it up for long. She had come from a farm, but living in town with accessible grocery stores rendered canning a non-essential skill.

      Granddaddy Bob had also bought a grass-cutting attachment for the tractor, so when I took over the mowing chores, that was the “mower” I used.

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