My Momma’s Fried Bread

In 2-Minnie Anna (Sister) Dodd Garris 1874-1957, 3-Evelyn Floy Garris 1910-1997, 3-Wilhelmina (Bee) Garris King 1918-2007, FAMILY: BEE & BOB TOGETHER, FAMILY: BROTHER & SISTERS (BEE), FAMILY: MATERNAL LINE (BEE) on February 3, 2013 at 6:00 am

Grandma Garris

As given to me:
“1 Quart flour
1/2 C. (shortening) lard
1/4 t soda
1/2 t salt
1 egg
1 cup sour milk

Roll thin & fry in hot lard”

1 quart of flour is about 4 cups. I got an idea flour was plain. Lard was all she had and used. She mixed it together & rolled it out like you were make a pie crust. Then cut into rectangular strips & fried. They puffed up & there was space inside. You could stuff it with homemade fig preserves & eaten hot. They were out of this world. I’ve never been able to make them. Aunt Floy makes them beautifully.

(Editor’s note: This recipe was originally posted here online in July 2009, when we were trying to figure out a recipe for hushpuppies. I can imagine these could be the culprits behind a kitchen fire …)

  1. It is interesting that this is a bread with no yeast. This sounds delicious, but I have no memory of having this. Who wants to make some for us?

  2. It’s so strange that none of us have ever heard of this recipe! Maybe this can be an activity for our next get-together?

  3. I want to make some!

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