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howard garris on porch

howard garris on porch BACK

(Editor’s Note: This is Howard, sitting on a porch swing — but is it the porch and the swing at the Dodd-Garris home? What year do you reckon it would have been?)

  1. This is indeed the Dodd-Garris porch. From the picture, I would guess Grandaddy was about 30, so this would put it around 1936. I inherited the organ/ desk that the story talks about here. Grandaddy spent years refinishing it and I cherish it as a wonderful antique.

  2. I think that date’s about right. I was going to guess a little older, but not much. I can see Uncle Keel and Aunt Martha’s house in the background.

  3. Uncle Howard was so dear to us. He was Momma’s older brother, I think 12 years older which mean he left for college while Momma was still a little girl, but they were still very close
    I remember going on a vacation with our family and Uncle Howard’s family to the mountains of North Carolina. We stayed in a cabin that had water running into the kitchen continuously from a mountain spring. Bobby and almost got lost in the National Forest on that trip.
    I also remember Uncle Howard taking me to fish with cane poles in a small pond in SC that belonged to Aunt Julia’s brother. He would put the worm on my hook and take the fish off when I caught one. These are very sweet little girl memories of being with my sweet, caring Uncle.

    • We still have the cabin but ee sold the pond to a cousin of Grandma’s…Jake Culclasure. I love fishing in that pond myself. So many wonderful memories associated with it.

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