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album page photo 4

album page photo 2

album page from round o

(Editor’s note: If you click on the top photo with the porches, to enlarge, you can see Bee/Momma/Grandma! Based on where this photo was located in her albums, I think it may have been taken either when she and Bob/Daddy/Granddaddy went down for Howard’s funeral, or sometime after that to visit Floy. Anyone else have a guess on the year?)

  1. After my asking for help dating the photos above, Cousin Alva Caroline sent a photo that looks very much like the photo inserted in the photo album page above of the gravestones. In Alva Caroline’s photo, Uncle Billy is wearing a suit that he ALSO wears in another photo that I have of a funeral — a funeral at which he’s playing the guitar and singing.

    Cousin Betty Stack remembered that Billy sang at Aunt Floy’s funeral in 1997, so we are thinking that this batch of photos above is from 1997.

    That’s a long way of figuring this out … but way to go, teamwork!

  2. Yes, I agree with that. Momma inherited the homeplace from Aunt Floy and she wanted to go by and see it again, with some thoughts of the responsibility of owning it. It was a bittersweet day, because the house was falling into such disrepair.

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