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My earliest memories are in the store as that was where we spent our days. Our customers were mostly black (colored in those days – we would have thought it disrespectful to have called them black.} I knew everyone by name and they accepted me as a clerk even though I was a child. Not only clerking in the store , there was always sweeping, cleaning, straightening up the merchandise . Also all groceries came in 100 lb. sacks (we called them crocus bags or a tow sack) or barrels. So we had to weight out and package everything into 1 lb., 2 lb., 5 lb. & 10 lb. bags so we could sell it quickly. This was items like sugar, rice, grits, flour, lard, etc. I swept in front of the store every morning.

– “The Way It Was,” Introduction, 1999

  1. My best memories of this store (not to be confused with the Dodd store on the corner) were of the Coke cooler, the Johnny cake jar, and the HUGE wheel of cheddar cheese. I guess that’s because that was the focus of my attention when I went in. I do remember the food and other type stuff was on shelves on one side, and clothes, shoes, hats, and other type stuff were on the other side. The show windows were the Round O version of Macy’s windows – dress forms with clothes. The Dodd store on the corner also had some food, but was more a hardware and farm store than a millinery shop. I must admit that the clothes held no interest for me, but I remember the last time I was in the store, there were still some shoes in the display case.
    The “food side” had normal canned goods. I mostly remember the “Red Devil” lye. It stuck in my mind because in that store was the only time I ever remember seeing such a product. I did later find that it was used for making soap by mixing it with pig fat. I don’t remember ever using home-made soap at Round O, but I suspect that in Momma’s time it was both made and used.

  2. Bob, I enjoy reading your comments because I don’t remember anything other than the building itself. How quickly the seasons of life change some times!

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