In "Colleton County: A Pictorial History", 1-Adeline (Addie) Kizer Dodd 1855-1937, 1-Joseph Hoffman Dodd 1852-1937, 1930s & Before, FAMILY: MATERNAL LINE (BEE), POSTS, Round O, S.C., STORIES on April 14, 2013 at 5:53 am

colleton county a pictorial history page 20 dodd store

“Today ‘Round O’ means a small community on Highway 17-A, once referred to as Centerville on the Round O. Dodd’s Store, established in 1883, was the general store at the crossroads. It sold everything a family needed from food to clothing to fertilizer to caskets.”

— “Colleton County: A Pictorial History,” Chapter One: “Prehistoric Era and Colonial Period,” 1994

  1. I once read an article that said the Round O area was formed by an ancient meteor that left a water-filled “O” shaped ring. The “O” shaped ring that defined the area was miles across. I’ve looked for it on Mapquest, but can’t find it.
    I remember the building on the left, but not the one on the right. Of course I was established well after 1883, so it could have been torn down by then :-). Also, it looks like you can see right through the building on the left. I remember a house on that side of the store – not an empty lot. It’s hard to tell whether US 17A was paved or dirt, but I remember Round O Road being dirt.
    I know that looks like a car on the extreme left side of the picture, but I think it must be something else. Even if it is a car, it would have to have been a Model T to have been in this picture. It’s not dated, but it’s very old.

  2. A meteor? Really? Also I have heard a story about the Round O Indians. I don’t know what to believe!

    • The idea of an impact crater creating the “ring” came from a satellite photo under one of the new studies looking for ancient impacts. Once analysts started to find the fingerprints of impacts, they’re starting to find them everywhere. You don’t have to have a big hole in the dirt any more like the crater out west. At least one record of the Indian tribe is at . And the indication from Grandma Bee is that the area was Round O until a community got a name, leaving the area outside the community to keep the Round O name.

  3. Regarding the house and store, was this photo taken FROM 17-A (Cottageville Highway)? Where would Addy and Joseph’s house have stood in relation to this?

    • This picture was taken from a field across US17A from the Dodd store. Round O Road intersected with US17A on the left side of the picture. The store was at the intersection of the two roads. Addie and Joseph’s house, as far as I knew it, fronted on Round O Road but connected to the back of their store basically just like Minnie Anna’s store connected to the post office/kitchen.

  4. Ironically, we live off Centerville Road in Florida today!

  5. I definitely remember going to this store as a little girl. I thought of it generally as a farm supply place, but Momma’s cousin Boyd was generally there, and it was always very kind to me. The store was facing the highway, so it was at right angle to the “dirt” road that ran in front of our grandmother’s house.
    I was in this store the first time I ever saw a man eat a tomato the same way you would eat an apple.

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