In "The Way It Was", 1-Adeline (Addie) Kizer Dodd 1855-1937, 1-Joseph Hoffman Dodd 1852-1937, 3-Wilhelmina (Bee) Garris King 1918-2007, Bee Stories, FAMILY: BEE & BOB TOGETHER, FAMILY: MATERNAL LINE (BEE), STORIES on April 28, 2013 at 6:30 am

Grandma and Grandpa were the first in the community to have anything and every thing. They had their own electricity made from his own generator so they had everything that run by electricity. They had the first electric refrigerator in the community and Grandma said that we could have ice any time we wanted it, so many times I’ve been over and got ten a tray of ice. They also had the first radio. I remember going over on Saturday night and listening to the radio which I remember being mostly hillbilly music which we did not particularly like but had to listen to because it was coming over the radio. They also had a telephone and we did not have one so we went over there to make our phone calls and also to receive telephone calls. Someone would come for us. If you were calling someone you would say something like this: “Mary, I want to speak to George”. Nothing like calling now. They had the first “show case car” with roll up windows like we have now, Every one was afraid of that type cars because they thought if case of a wreck you would be cut to pieces with the breaking of the glass. We had a T Model Ford with open windows. Of course when we went to church , almost all people were in a buggy or even a wagon. So you can see the progress.

– “The Way It Was,” Chapter Ten: “Grandma and Grandpa Dodd,” 1999

  1. I remembered Momma telling me these stories when we were younger, so know them well. She did say that her dad William Benjamin Garris used to make the carbide that they used in the lights at the Round O house – they didn’t get electricity until later. I don’t know what that process is but I understand that carbide lights were pretty common then, so many folks would have understood it.
    On the cars, I remember when I got my first truck with running boards. We had gone to Gangplank to pick her up and I was trying to tell her how to use the running boards to get up into the truck. She said, “I was using running boards before you were born!” ‘Nuf said.

  2. The first time I heard the comment about a “show case car”, I really couldn’t visualize it until I was at Belk’s and learned what a “show case” was. They really did feel like they were propped in the case so that everyone could get a real good look at them, just like they were the ones in the show case!

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