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colleton county a pictorial history page 21 electric plant

“A Delco plant supplied electricity for Dodd’s Store and home in the early 1900’s.”

— “Colleton County: A Pictorial History,” Chapter One: “Prehistoric Era and Colonial Period,” 1994

  1. It’s good to see the generator house. By the time we came along, everybody had electric utilities. I don’t remember ever seeing the actual generator shed. Maybe it was gone or converted to storage.
    Oddly enough, when we were watching the “Monarch of the Glen” series, the Laird’s home had a generator in the basement providing power to the house. The generator played a part in a couple of episodes, failing at the most inappropriate moments. Makes me wonder what living with one would be like. Of course if that’s whats available, I guess you learn to love it. Espeically if you can get ice on a hot day!

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