In "The Way It Was", 2-George William Stack 1888-1950, 2-Jessie Hodges Dodd 1892-1992, 3-Dorothy (Dot) Stack 1920-1984, 3-George William Stack 1925-, 3-Howard Garris 1906-1990, 3-John David Stack 1927-2001, 3-Julia Crider Garris 1909-2012, 3-Miriam Ellen Stack 1917-1997, 3-Wilhelmina (Bee) Garris King 1918-2007, Bee Stories, FAMILY: BEE & BOB TOGETHER, FAMILY: BROTHER & SISTERS (BEE), FAMILY: MATERNAL LINE (BEE), STORIES on June 23, 2013 at 7:35 am

In college Howard started going with Julia Crider who is now your Aunt Julia who lived in St. Matthews, SC.  When he used to go to see her I would go with him and spend a week with Aunt Jess who lived there also. Miriam and Dot were about my age and I enjoyed playing with  them. I remember the running games they  used to play  with friends and called it “Tag”.  They would chase each other and if they could catch you they  would touch or  tag you , and if you could catch them you would tag them, and run away from them.  I was not used to playing with children.  I really didn’t know how to play the game and remember thinking that it was about the dumbest game I had ever seen.

I remember sitting at Aunt Jess’s table at supper eating pimiento sandwiches .  We would hear the train coming, we’d jump up and run the 1/2 block to the trestle and watch the train go by . Also we would hike to Antley Springs and Aunt Jess would carry a large watermelon and we would cut it and eat it while we were there.  I enjoyed going up there very much.

– “The Way It Was,” Chapter 7: “My Brother Howard” 1999

  1. I find it hilarious that GM thought tag was a dumb game. 🙂

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