In 1-Adeline (Addie) Kizer Dodd 1855-1937, 1-Joseph Hoffman Dodd 1852-1937, 1930s & Before, 2-Joseph Keeley (Keel) Dodd 1898-1991, FAMILY: MATERNAL LINE (BEE), POSTS on July 21, 2013 at 7:05 am

joseph, adeline and keel dodd

joseph, adeline and keel dodd BACK

(Editor’s note: This photo was originally posted in May 2013. The back of this postcard says “Joseph Hoffman Dodd, Adaline Kizer Dodd, With Keel.” Also, that appears to be a pig.)

  1. Yep – that’s a pig. There are a good many wild ones living on both sides of Round O Road now. Our lessee is hunting them, and we understand is turning many of them into bar-be-que! I wonder if some of this pig’s progeny escaped?

  2. The lady is listed as Adeline Kizer Dodd (our great aunt), but her maiden name was Adeline Delilah Kizer. I never understood why somebody would give a child thename “Delilah”, with all the Biblical implications of that name.

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