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Keeley Institute Front

(Editor’s note: This postcard is not from Bee/Momma/Grandma’s things, but one found online here. The card is from the branch of the Keeley Institute in Jacksonville, Fla., though there were Keeley Institute centers all over the United States, including one in Columbia, S.C.

In addition, the University of South Carolina library has an advertising circular that promotes the branch of the Keeley Institute in Columbia as an “alcohol addiction treatment center located at 1329 Lady Street,” offering a treatment that would “restore self-respect, nerves, homes, manhood, womanhood, families, love, etc.” to “sufferers from the addictions of Liquor, Tobacco and drugs.” The Institute appeared in Columbia city directories at least as early as 1893, with the Lady Street address appearing in the directory starting in 1907. The original Keeley Institute, located in Dwight, Ill., operated from 1879 to 1965.

Read more about the Keeley Institutes in this Wikipedia article.)

  1. I understand from family lore (or it may be written somewhere) that the Dodd’s gave Keely his name in honor of the institute.

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