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The swamps of the “Low Country” were everywhere and on our property.  Swamps were not farm land but wonderful timber land. The trees grow tall, straight and large so it is very valuable timber land.  There were pines ( long leaf, slash) oaks, hickory, maple, cypress, etc.  Daddy taught me to tell the difference in trees  by the leaves and the bark.

The swamps are what the world have left on the natural paradise  that God made in the Garden of Eden.  All nature is in perfect balance  and dependent on each other.  I had many friends who lived in the swamp and I saw them often.  They were deer, squirrel, weasels, fox, opossum, rabbit, wild turkey, owls, hawks, Hummingbird, blue birds, sparrow, Martians, blue jay, cardinals, doves, quail and other birds.  And of course , there were many different varieties of snakes who lived there, too, as: rattlesnake, pilots, water  moccasin, rat, black, king, chicken, garden and so many that it hurts my brain to think of them. I was just as frightened by any of them, poisonous or not, it made no difference.  I will admit that they are a part of God’s plan  and a balance of nature.

I have taken many walks through the woods with Daddy or Howard.  Sometimes they would be hunting and sometimes we would be just walking and talking.  Daddy used to check his fences so he could see if anything needed to be repaired and we would walk all over creation doing that.  In later years I went into the forest  many times to talk with God , practice public speaking and other things  that if I write high school memories I will tell you how the swamp helped me through those years.

When some of the city cousins were visiting, I would take them back into the forest for a walk.  I would always walk ahead and guard them off  the snakes and pitfalls.  They  thought I was so smart because I could take them in and bring them back out again.  But I had a edge, I was used to them  and also I used to stay very close to the edge  so I could see the light in one direction and I would know that was the way out.  I’d weave them back and forth and they wouldn’t know where they were.  On these trips we could see lots of the animals I mentioned.

I feel God has blessed me in that I’ve always been able to live close the swamps.  I heard Oscar Kafer once say at N.B.H.S.: “I couldn’t live in Charlotte, it’s too far from the swamps”.  I understood perfectly what he meant.  The ecology people say  today: “Don’t fill in our swamps, you will ruin our balance”

— “The Way It Was,” Chapter 13: “The Swamps, Forests and Other Beloved Spots.” 1999

  1. When I was a little girl living in New Bern, there were swamps at the end of Tryon Road, where the high school was built years after they filled in the swamp. I do have vague memories of it, especially finding frogs in the shallow water. One year there were so many little tiny frogs in the swamp we thought that it had rained frogs. They were just as big as your thumb nail and I thought they were beautifully intricate and cool.

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