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We always had chickens, biddies and chicken houses.  I raised five  chickens once  that were mine and without a hen.  The mother hen had died and I took them over.  If  I were outside in the yard, they followed me everywhere.  When I sat on the porch  they  would come up there and sit on the rounds of the rocker.  Our hens hatched out chickens all the time  but sometime we would order a 100 chickens from a hatchery and all those little chickens would come.  If  the weather was cold we would put them in a big box inside the store  and try to keep them warm. After I was in high school and we got electricity we would run an electric bulb into the box to give them warmth. This was the forerunner of the incubator.   Our chickens were always pure blooded , either Rhode Island Red or Plymouth Rock.

I used to gather the eggs every afternoon in the hen houses.  The nests were so high or I was so short that I would have to put my hand up over my head and feel in the nest for eggs.  Once when I was doing that I put may hand right on a snake.  I was perfectly  terrified of snakes and still am. Many  times I would find snakes in the chicken house.  I got so I would peep in  the door before I would enter and found several  from time to time  peeping out at me.

— “The Way It Was,” Chapter 9: “Snakes,  Chicken Houses  and creepy crawlers,” 1999

  1. Little chicks were so fluffy and cute but always under foot! Scurry, scurry. It was cold in the foothills so we had a stone wood-burning furnace in the hatchery shed. It was my job to shoo the baby chicks away from the entrance when Grandma lifted the tin door to stoke up the fire. I was so worried that I’d miss one and he’d get roasted! When the chicks became pullets they looked so straggly til they molted…kinda the way I feel when my hair is way overdue a trim.

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