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This is a very old dish, first served by the Indians to the white settlers in America.

1/2 cup sieva (or butter) beans
1/2 cup raw corn
2 tablespoons butter
1 1/2 cups water
1 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper

Boil sieva beans until almost done, add tender raw corn, cut from cob, and cook until both are tender. Drain, add butter, seasoning and serve. Serves 4.

MRS. LOUIS T. PARKER (Josephine Walker)

(Editor’s note: There is no written recipe for butterbeans — also known as “lima beans” or “sievey beans” — among any of Bee / Momma / Grandma’s things. Do any of you know her recipe? 

We do have a multitude of butterbean recipes from cookbooks owned by both Bee / Momma / Grandma and her mother-in-law, Marion Reynolds King. The recipe typed out above is from “Charleston Receipts,” a cookbook put out by the Junior League of Charleston in 1950, and is the only printed recipe we have that calls these beans “sieva.”

The “South Carolina Cookbook,” published by the South Carolina Council of Farm Women in 1953, follows with a suggestion of lima beans in tomato sauce, and a “Lima One-Plate Luncheon” featuring apples and scooped-out beets. 

“P.T.A. Interpretations of Food,” a cookbook owned by Marion Reynolds Kings that was published in 1928 and passed along to us (held together with plenty of duct tape) by Sonny King, give us the most basic lima bean recipe we have, and one that as far as this editor remembers was closest to the recipe used by Bee / Momma / Grandma. This book also offers a “Lima Bean Loaf” — which, hmm, is a mystery.

Bee / Momma / Grandma’s most well-worn cookbook (the cookbook with no cover so we don’t know its name) adds recipes for lima beans with milk, lima beans with Neufchatel cream cheese, and hmm, another “Lima Bean Loaf” — this time with bacon fat and peanut butter.)


recipe succotash charleston receipts copy

recipe lima one-plate luncheon

marion king cookbook cover 3

recipe lima beans pta

recipe lima bean loaf pta

recipe lima beans american woman copy

recipe lima bean neufchatel american woman

recipe lima bean loaf american woman


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