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D Washing Clothes

This many-purposed pot also boiled the clothes every week in a process of cleaning .  They were boiled with lye soap to make them perfectly clean..  We had some one to come and wash the clothes every week.  It would be a black woman whom Mamma would pay.  She would divide the clothes up into white and colored.  All white were boiled in the big pot, rinsed many times and hung on the clothes line.  Colored clothes were scrubbed on what was called a scrub-board.  A scrub board contained ridges and the clothes were  scrubbed over the ridges.  I’m sure I must have been in college when we got our first washing machine,.   With the electric machine,  you put water in a tub  and the electricity would vibrate the clothes and wash them in this manner.  Then they had to be put through a wringer and rinsed by hand.

— “The Way It Was,” Chapter Two: “THE BIG ROUND POT OUT IN THE BACK YARD,” 1999


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