In "The Way It Was", 2-Minnie Anna (Sister) Dodd Garris 1874-1957, 3-Wilhelmina (Bee) Garris King 1918-2007, Bee Stories, FAMILY: BEE & BOB TOGETHER, FAMILY: MATERNAL LINE (BEE), POSTS BY LOCATION, Round O, S.C., STORIES on August 5, 2015 at 6:15 am

A Making Soap

My mother made her own soap( Lye soap) . There was a large kettle in the back yard  with many uses., Making soap was one of them.. She put together old grease, lye and I don’t know what else and boiled it like all day . When it was ready and cooled , it would set up hard so it could be sliced  into bars.  She made our year’s supply of soap for scrubbing floors, washing clothes, etc. Soap for bathing  and washing dishes was bought.

— “The Way It Was,” Chapter Two: “THE BIG ROUND POT OUT IN THE BACK YARD,” 1999


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