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B  Cane Grinding and Syrup

We had a cane mill which a mule pulled .  The mule walked in a circular motion and turned the mill which pressed the cane stalks and the juice ran out in barrels.  Someone stood and fed cane into the mill and out came the most delicious drink in the world called cane juice.  This was put into the same pot mentioned above and cooked practically all day and into the night and this became our Blue Ribbon Cane Syrup  which was our syrup for  a year. Please do not confuse this with millet.  The Blue Ribbon Cane is much superior . I was at the  NC State fair in Raleigh and they had the millet there and the cane mill and the mule going around it in a display and called it Blue Ribbon Cane Syrup.  I went up and told the man running it that it was not Cane , it was millet.  He Said “You know that and I know that but no one else knows that ,so let’s not tell them.”

It was a great time for inviting in relatives and friends who came sitting out in the yard around the boiling syrup telling yarns and drinking cane juice until late in the night.

— “The Way It Was,” Chapter Two: “THE BIG ROUND POT OUT IN THE BACK YARD,” 1999




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