Boiled Peanuts

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First blanch the peanuts, which can be done by heating in the peanut roaster or in the oven until they are quite hot, but not browned in the least. Let them cool in a dry place, and when nearly cold, the skins can easily be removed by rubbing in the sieve or between the hands; or they can be blanched by pouring boiling water on them, and letting them stand in it until the skins become loosened; then rub off with the hands. When blanched, put into cold soft water to cook, as they cook quicker in soft water than in hard water — in about one half the time. When perfectly tender, salt and let stew until they are well seasoned throughout. Serve hot.

— Almeda Lambert.

(Editor’s note: According to the National Peanut Board, the first time a recipe for boiled peanuts was published was in 1899, in a cookbook by Almeda Lambert titled “The Guide for Nut Cookery.” Above is her recipe, which seems to be more of a peanut porridge than the open-with-your-fingers boiled peanuts that we know today. For the snack version of the recipe, and more history and factoids, see What’s Cooking America. It turns out that boiled peanuts are now also South Carolina’s official state snack!)


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